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Liquid Nitriding

After establishing our sales in Indian & overseas Mrket of engine valves, We have become the ultimate choice for surface treatment services for OEM customers like BAJAJ Motors, Varroc, HERO, Honda Scooters, Endurance, Wipro, Ucal Pump, LPS and many More.
Liquid Carbo Nitriding (LCN) is a common term for a diffusion process that is actually liquid nitro carburizing; a thermo-chemical reaction whereby nitrogen, primarily, and some carbon are diffused into the surface of iron-based materials. The nitrogen combines with the iron to form an iron-nitride compound layer that provides improved surface properties; e.g. resistance to wear, friction, corrosion, and fatigue.

Liquid Nitriding is not a coating or plating: it is a diffusion process that modifies/transforms the surface of the treated component. This modified surface layer is well integrated with the bulk material – hence it is not susceptible to flaking or peeling.

Nitriding and Oxidation Surface increase the excellent corrosion resistance.


  1. Sheet Metal Components
  2. Shock Absorber Rod
  3. Clutch Friction Discs
  4. Pump Body & Impellers Parts
  5. Injector Pins
  6. P.D.C./ Forging Dies (H-11, 13)
  7. Thread Rolling Dies (M1, M2)
  8. Gears/Splined Shafts
  9. Aluminum, Extrusion Dies
  10. Wind Screen Wiper Shafts
  11. Engine Valves
  12. Valve Seat Inserts
  13. Universal / Ball Joints
  14. Telescopic cylinders
  15. Differentials
  16. Cams / Crankshafts
  17. Rocket Shafts
  18. Fasteners
  19. Carburetor Components
  20. Mikuni

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